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It's not how many ideas you have, it's how many you make happen

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“Innovation is one of the most over-used terms whilst being the most under-exploited strategies in business”.

Everything Brilliant about your business started with an idea. Everything brilliant about the future of your business will start with an idea.

Why then do so many organisations find innovation so seemingly mysterious or particularly hard? It’s actually neither of those things. It does however take persistence and passion (and sometimes some help).

And that’s where I come in.  I coach innovation. I provide the tools, the guidance, ask the right questions at the right time, and ensure your innovation projects succeed.


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Innovation Coaching

Innovation is hard. People have likened it to climbing a mountain. I would suggest that traversing a mountain range would be a more appropriate metaphor because there will be many ups and downs and all too often just as you think you’ve reached summit, you find there’s another summit in the distance.

This is where innovation coaching comes in. I use the Lean Startup methodology as my route map so I’ll ask the difficult questions, test your hypothesis, make sure you are focusing on the experiments that will give you the right answers and give you the confidence, when necessary to pivot or persevere.

How do I charge for this….well the good news is, it’s free. You just need to subscribe and I’ll send you step by step guides. I’d love to help you in person, but I can’t help everyone and realistically if you are on the other side of the World I can’t pitch-up when you need me so I’ll show all I can. If you need personal help, I’m here, talk to me.

Click this link to sign-up. I’ll send you lesson 1, a simple way of generating 50 new ideas for a product or service that already exists in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee called Idea Hacking or click this link for more information about coaching.


The Facilitate Innovation Training designed for innovation teams that need to facilitate innovation in their organisation.

It’s a 2 or 3 day training course that takes the delegates through the complete innovation process;

  • Getting started with innovation
  • Challenge. Two essential tools to identify where and how to engage people to innovate
  • Ideate. Four tools to find novel ideas
  • Converge. Simple ways of getting from lots of ideas to the most promising few
  • Prototype and test

You can find out more and register for more information on this link.

The 6 Way

The 6 Way is a packaged solution for intrapreneurship.

It combines the twin aims of; embedding entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours in a small teams, whilst unlocking innovations that can deliver significant value for their organisation.
It’s called the 6 Way because it’s; 6 teams of up to 6 members, each team has a Challenge that was set by up to 6 members of the Board and within 6 weeks teams will receive training and support to develop hypothesis, experiments and prototypes which they will then pitch back to the ‘dragons’.

It’s FAST and FRUGAL innovation which combines Design Thinking and Lean Startup

You can find out more about the 6 Way on this link.

The best ideas are already in someone's head. You just need to get them out!


Hi, I’m Mike Allen.

I’m an ideas person! I have founded three businesses; Europe’s first on-line photo processor, fotango.com, TalkFreely (www.talkfreely.com) and a Chatbot / AI Agency called theBotFarm.io.  You can find more about me, my background and business by connecting to me on Linkedin, but if you’re reading this, your probably only really interested in knowing whether I could help you.

If you want to innovate, you need to master the process: identifying where you need to innovate, finding novel and creative ideas, assessing and choosing the most promising ideas, analysing, testing and building prototypes and finally launching them. I’ve built lots of tools to support organisations and people throughout this process.

Most of what I do I give away for free. Partly that’s because I can’t help everyone – there’s only so many hours in the day so why wouldn’t I help as many people as possible, and partly because an awful lot of consultancies that ‘offer’ innovation are offering the same old snake oil…management consulting labelled as innovation or creative thinking.

When I coach innovation, I jump into the trenches with you. While a lot of the tools I use are my own creations, a lot is also based on Lean Startup. It’s THE best way of developing propositions and businesses.

So, take a look around my blog and if you like what you see, sign-up to receive free lessons from the homepage, starting with an ideation tool called Idea Hacking which will walk you through generating 50 ideas in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

If you want to know more about how I can help, email me at mike@everythingbrilliant.co.uk

Thanks for reading this page, and let’s get innovating!

Mike Allen


Brilliant ideas can happen at any time. Capture them and share them


If you need an innovation speaker at your event, contact me. I love to speak about innovation and ideas but what makes my speaking engagements unique is that not only can I talk the talk about innovation and the reasons why it’s essential to organisations and societies, I can also walk the walk by sharing my ideas. I hope to entertain with some of my ‘left-field’ ideas, and hope to provoke a few “ah, that’s a good idea” moments, but primarily I want to prove that anyone can have abundance of ideas and when you do, why I (as everyone should) share them freely.

If you need me to inspire your attendees to ‘ideate’ (the verb of having ideas) I’ll share some simple techniques that allow anyone to have more, better ideas.

I’m equally able to pitch the presentations at business leaders and executive teams and explore the reasons why innovation is such as imperitive for competitive advantage and growth. I’ve worked with some of the UKs largest companies so I know what it feels like to wear the CEOs shoes and can talk from their perspective about what it really takes to create innovative organisations.

Here are some of my most recent speaking engagements;



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