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Welcome to Everything Brilliant, my name is Mike Allen. I called my blog Everything Brilliant because everything brilliant in the man-made World started with an idea – everything.

I’m fascinated by what it takes to have an abundance of ideas and in this section of the site I hope to share some of the tools and techniques to generate more ideas, but bear in mind that Innovation only happens when you implement ideas so more importantly; how to evaluate, develop and test ideas.

But I’m going to start with Ideation (the verb to have ideas) so click the big blow button to get started and find out how anyone can have an abundance of ideas to choose from.

The best ideas are already in someone's head. You just need to get them out!


Everything brilliant started with an idea – absolutely everything. I’m fascinated by brilliant ideas and where they came from. How is it that some people seem to have loads of brilliant ideas? Or do we all have brilliant ideas, but most of us simply can’t describe them and get other people excited about them?

I believe that the best thing you can do with your ideas is share them, so this blog gives me the opportunity to capture and share my ideas. I have to credit my inspiration for this to Jesper Lindgren Hejlesen from Denmark who, as I write this, is on idea #227 of his 1000 Ideas project (a1000ideas.com).

I also want to capture brilliant ideas that I see, as well as the science behind how to have and communicate ideas, and most importantly, how we turn ideas into sustainable innovations.

I have founded two businesses, Europe’s first on-line photo processor, fotango.com and TalkFreely (www.talkfreely.com) which helps organisations large and small improve how they innovate by engaging their staff, stakeholders and customers. You can find more about me, my background and business by connecting to me on Linkedin, uk.linkedin.com/pub/michael-allen/0/360/b03/

Feedback is always welcome.

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Brilliant ideas can happen at any time. Capture them and share them


If you need an innovation speaker at your event, contact me. I love to speak about innovation and ideas but what makes my speaking engagements unique is that not only can I talk the talk about innovation and the reasons why it’s essential to organisations and societies, I can also walk the walk by sharing my ideas. I hope to entertain with some of my ‘left-field’ ideas, and hope to provoke a few “ah, that’s a good idea” moments, but primarily I want to prove that anyone can have abundance of ideas and when you do, why I (as everyone should) share them freely.

If you need me to inspire your attendees to ‘ideate’ (the verb of having ideas) I’ll share some simple techniques that allow anyone to have more, better ideas.

I’m equally able to pitch the presentations at business leaders and executive teams and explore the reasons why innovation is such as imperitive for competitive advantage and growth. I’ve worked with some of the UKs largest companies so I know what it feels like to wear the CEOs shoes and can talk from their perspective about what it really takes to create innovative organisations.

Here are some of my most recent speaking engagements;




Managing innovation is about fostering innovative ideas, selecting, testing and prototyping the ideas to be pursued and managing their implementation. Our Facilitate Innovation training covers the end-to-end process.

Who Should Attend?

The training has been specifically designed for anyone that wants to be inspired and inspire others to innovate.

The Course comprises the following elements:



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