starts with an idea

It's not how many ideas you have, it's how many you make happen


Brilliant Idea #365. Electric Vehicle charging road train

If they can refuel a place at 30k feet and 500mph, can’t we-recharge an electric vehicle in motion? When all HGV lorries are EVs or hybrids, they’ll have huge batteries. The car will drive behind the lorry and tether and recharge on the motorway.  The car gets an un-interrupted journey (re-charging on a long journey […]

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Brilliant Idea #364. Alexa stretch skill

If you sit down all day, bad news, it’s slowly killing your. Doctors call it the sitting disease. More worrying, the latest research suggests that you can’t undo the 8-10 hours a day you’re sitting down working by then going to the gym in the evening. You can, according to the science, undo the harm […]

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Brilliant Idea #363. Electric Vehicle charging robot

We’ll all have electric vehicles soon. Daily we’ll be plugging them in. I can’t think of a better use-case for a robot. It’ll find the charging plug in the car and plug itself in. If you can refuel a jet at 20k feet at 500 mph, we can build a charging robot. Brilliant.

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Birlliant Idea #362. The misguided tour co.

A city tour in a bus, taxi or tuktuk, but the tour commentary is nonsense – amusing nonesense, just for fun. Brilliant.

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First sight of my book

First sight of my book, co-authored by my good friends Bassam Alkarashi and Patrick Roupin. Looks great.

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Brilliant Idea #361. Start an internet conspiracy that internet conspiracies are just a conspiracy

We’ve seen a number of internet conspirancies that have taken hold in the last few years – the flat earth one being an example which is, let’s face it, just stupid. How do they take hold? Presumably it’s not just highly convincing YouTube videos. Isn’t it also that some people are pre-desposed to wanting to […]

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Logs from coffee grounds. Brilliant

We drink millions of cups of coffee every day (in fact, I really should start a coffee shop, it might be more profitable than innovation consulting). That’s a LOT of used coffee grounds. Bio-Bean turn them into logs to burn in the fireplace. Brilliant. http://www.bio-bean.com/coffee-logs/

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Rescam fights back against spammers

Why didn’t I think of this! Rescam (www.rescam.org) uses AI to fight back against email spammers by replying to their spam emails again and again and again. Love it.

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Brilliant idea #360. Point ring

I’ve an Amazon Alexa in my home connected to wifi enabled lightulbs so I can walk into, for instance, the master bedroom and say “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp” and it will send a message to the lamp to turn it on (or off). It’ll even turn it up or down or, with the […]

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Brilliant Idea. Dog-powered scooters

Why didn’t I think of this? Brilliant.

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Quirky.com is back!

Quirky.com was launched in 2009 with a mission to make invention accessible to everyone. You could share your ideas with a community of over a million people and get involved in bringing the best ideas to market. They started hundreds of thousands of idea projects through the community, launched hundreds of products and paid over […]

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Brilliant Idea #359. The huggable bracelet

It’s a wareable bracelet, like a fitbit or similar, but, it’s passes on hugs from friends and family. It’ll expand and warm up when people send it a hug via an app. Imagine someone is going through an illness, or bereavement, or just the first day at  a new job – something where knowing that […]

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