everything Brilliant Starts with an idea .

If you’re looking for something new in your life or business, it will start with an idea. I’m a mindset coach. I help people get great results and create something brilliant by creating new, positive mindsets.

I'm Mike. I'm a Mindset coach.

Most of my clients seek me out because they’re feeling stuck.

Most are in an OK place, but deep inside they know that OK isn’t good enough – they’re capable of so much more.

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

For so many people, the barrier is their mindset. You’re reading this page, so you’re already ahead, but changing your situation or indeed changing something about yourself is a process. Our mindset is determined by our beliefs. Our beliefs determine our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our actions. Our actions determine the outcomes we get.

Our mindset can literally make or break us.

I’ve worked with and known hundreds if not thousands of wildly successful people throughout my career, and honestly they’re rarely way smarter than anyone else, or can work harder than anyone else, or started with some special gift or privilege.

The one thing that defines them is their mindset. They see opportunities where others see risk. They expect success where others are paralysed by the fear of failure. They believe it will happen for them while others believe it’ll never happen.

Mindset is fluid. We create and therefore can re-create our mindset and in doing so achieve extraordinary things.

Do you:

– feel you have more to offer, but can’t quite change course?

– know your limiting beliefs are holding you back?

– lack self-confidence that you can stick to the plan and see it through?

– know there’s something else you should be doing, but unsure about what it is?

This is where coaching comes in.

If you’re doing fine but want more out of life then let’s see what you can achieve with the support of a coach.

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Mike Allen

My Approach .

Here's the best way I can describeI the approach I take. It starts with the WHY - the vision and goals - what is it you want to ultimately achieve. Change is hard, but it's always easier to sustain when there is a clear vision.

Then we talk about the Value you can offer and the barriers and limitations that might exist. Some of those are real and tangible like working capital or skills, others are limiting behaviours and mindsets.

Then the next level down is the Idea, the Proposition and Business Model. Then at the base are the more normal elements of a business.

THE most common mistake I see is to start 'getting busy' at the bottom level and never really do the work above.

That said, I'm not so precious about the process that if you need my help with, say, your marketing I'm not going to force you into a deep and meaningful conversation about your life goals and values before I help you!


What’s the big goal - the ‘why’?


What’s the value you can offer?

Barriers And Limitations

What barriers do we need to overcome?


What’t the offer?

The Idea

Business Model

What’s the commercials


How will we find customers

Our Ideal Customer

Who has the problem we solve

Ship It

How are we going to get this shipped?

Build It

Build, test, learn


What My Clients Say .

About me .

Hi, I’m Mike,

I’m a mindset coach, innovation consultant and entrepreneur.

I have founded four businesses over the last 24 years; Europe’s first on-line photo processor, fotango.com, TalkFreely, this business, Brilliant Innovation Limited and Moments2Move  (and that’s not to mention two businesses that never gained traction and failed…..but you absolutely learn as much if not more from your failures).

In my time as an innovation coach and consultant, I have uncovered thousands of ideas and worked on hundreds of prototypes and projects, so when I talk about my experience, it’s been in the trenches. If innovation feels hard to you…..it’s because it is and unfortunately I have the scars to prove it!