the same 12 bricks millions of ideas 1000 px by 800 px

One of the common barriers to innovation lies in a belief held by most people that they “aren’t ideas people”. In truth, everyone’s an ideas person. Some of us certainly see more or less risk in offering ideas and some of us see ourselves as being more creative than others and above all some of us feel more confident that we can articulate ideas in a way that gets people excited than others, but fundamentally I firmly believe everyone is an ideas person.

We learn some of those barriers as we get older so the 12 bricks game takes us back to our childhood by using LEGO bricks as the tools. There are literally millions of combinations and ideas that can be brought to life with just 12 bricks. Here’s the website I created to hopefully inspire you.

You can create ideas too. You don’t need the same bricks that you can see on the site – any 12 bricks will do. Send them to, or tweet them to @just12bricks or share them on

Go on, what are you waiting for.