3D printing. The disruptive implications for industry and the democratisation of distributed manufacturing

what-ideas do you want to bring to life3D printing has come of age over the last few months. It’s about to explode however because in February 2014 a number of key patents are about to expire and experts believe this will hasten the speed at which the technology moves into the mainstream and become accessible to more and more people and organisations.

The disruptive implications for the industry and  the ‘democratisation of distributed manufacturing’ could be profound.  There are already a number of service providers that can turn your 3D file into a 3D printed object. Those services will doubtless proliferate and become commoditised meaning lower costs and greater accessibility.

Turning ideas into something tangible, something that you can hold, feel, test and share is a real milestone when it comes to transforming an idea into an innovation and 3D printers make this possible.