Babele. New collaboration platform to take ideas to sustainable businesses

I’d really recommend the 2mins 49 seconds it takes to watch the introduction to If you don’t have time, it describes the problem that we have turning our ideas in a sustainable business and describes how the platform helps.

As you know, I’m a big fan of sharing my ideas, and something that I wholeheartedly admire about Babele is that, if you log-in, you can see their whole business plan from their vision and impact, their revenue model, partners and stakeholders, value proposition, resources and even cash flow. It’s the whole process of building a business and is quite brilliant.

I guess the challenge will be getting people to divulge all this information to the ‘crowd’. I totally get that building walls around ideas is a terrible idea, but at the early stage of a business it’s really hard not to feel protective about the details in case there is someone else that is trying to do the same thing. I’m not for a moment saying that I agree with this, but they are fighting a very human impulse to protect and cosset something that is  valuable.

Their revenue model is to sell Euro3000 licenses to businesses that use the platform. A start-up is unlikely to pay this – the intellectual property in there is brilliant, but it can be found for free elsewhere. It I were an incubator or VC or even a corporate Innovation Director that wanted to manage “intrapreneural’ project, then one license per year actually sounds really low cost.

It’s really worth a look,

I will be watching (and collaborating) with interest.