Brilliant Ideas #69 – #76

Here are a number of ideas to re-thing the humble bin liner. These were the output from an innovation games workshop which you can read about here,

Brilliant Idea #69. Coloured / themed waste paper bin liners. This is a variation of the small bin liners that you might use to line a waste paper bin in a home office or bedroom that break the normal convention of being plain white. Examples would include seasonal themed (Christmas and Halloween), wood-grain, football team colours, colours that match the most popular colours of carpets including warm colours such as reds and ocres

Brilliant Idea #70. Bin liners that have a insect repellant coating to deter flies from your wheely bin in the summer months.

Brilliant Idea #71. An insert wrapped into the roll of bin liners saying there is only 5 more bags left so you know to buy some more.

Brilliant Idea #72. A bag that bio-degrades quicker than normal bin liners. Brilliant.

Brilliant Idea #73. Pre-loaded bin-liners. To address the problem of loading bags into the bin, 25 bags come in a pack, but loaded into each other so when you first load the bin with a bag you are actually putting 25 bags into the bin. When one is full you pull it out but the other 24 bags are still in there.

Brilliant Idea #74. Organic re-usable bin liner so you take it out and empty into the wheely bin. This reduces the mount of plastic in the landfill because you only need to replace it every ten or so times

Brilliant Idea #75. A bin material that absorbs methane so as to reduce the smell from the bin.

Brilliant Idea #76. Rather than selling bin liners in small rolls of say 20, sell them in a roll of 200 (so the unit price is higher, less packaging and less transport). The big roll sits at the bottom of the bin (therefore saving storage) on one continuous roll.