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Brilliant Idea #361. Start an internet conspiracy that internet conspiracies are just a conspiracy

We’ve seen a number of internet conspirancies that have taken hold in the last few years – the flat earth one being an example which is, let’s face it, just stupid.

How do they take hold? Presumably it’s not just highly convincing YouTube videos. Isn’t it also that some people are pre-desposed to wanting to believe in a consipiracy – that the Government or illuminati or global elite wants to control us.

Briliant Idea #361 is a conspiracy theory that the Government or illuminati or global elite wants to control us by tricking us into thinking stupid, unfounded, illogical conspiracy theories.

I want to start a conspiracy that conspiracy theories are actually a conspiracy.


Brilliant idea #360. Point ring

I’ve an Amazon Alexa in my home connected to wifi enabled lightulbs so I can walk into, for instance, the master bedroom and say “Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp” and it will send a message to the lamp to turn it on (or off). It’ll even turn it up or down or, with the right bulb, change the colour and therefore mood of the room with a voice command.

There is a problem with voice activated devices however which is that you need to learn the device names – and more than that, the syntax of the device name. So, “Alexa turn on the lamp” won’t work and indeed, if there’s another lamp into an adjacent room that you told Alexa was called ‘lamp’ then it will turn that one on. If you had a wifi connected lamp in every room you’d then need to teach Alexa, and everyone in the family that the this lamp is called “master bedroom lamp”, that one is called “back bedroom lamp” etc. etc.

You see the problem, the more connected home products you have the more you need to teach Alexa, yourself and other members of the family the names and syntax or each device.

Brilliant idea #360 is a ring (possibly a bracelet until the tech is miniturised enough) that can tell where you are pointing so you can say “Alexa, turn on (or off) and it will know what device you are pointing at. There’s likeley to be some limitations, at least to start with, so it will know the room you are in and that you are, for instance, pointing upwards (at the ceiling light) or which corner of the room then it will turn on the nearest device.


Quirky.com is back!

Quirky.com was launched in 2009 with a mission to make invention accessible to everyone. You could share your ideas with a community of over a million people and get involved in bringing the best ideas to market. They started hundreds of thousands of idea projects through the community, launched hundreds of products and paid over $10m in payments to the Community. BUT, they were working their way through $80m of Venture Capitol funding at a terrific rate

They also launched Partnerships with the likes of GE which also gave them a cash injection of $30m . To me, they were pioneers in Crowd-based innovation Management but when they closed their doors in 2015 it was a huge shame. 

BUT, they’re back. They’ve re-invented themselves

Essentially, Quirky has decided to partner with open-innovation friendly companies that have the capacity to get to market and thrive there – essentially licensing as a business model. 

Quirky will apparently take anywhere from a 5 percent to 10 percent cut when an invention is being sold directly to consumers and the inventor will earn a 3 percent royalty. When a third-party retailer sells the product, the inventor will earn 1.5 percent. This information is clearly stated on the company’s FAQ page.

While 1.5-3% doesn’t sound much, the inventors don’t need to spend a dollar, ever, to start making money off of their inventions.


Brilliant Idea #359. The huggable bracelet

It’s a wareable bracelet, like a fitbit or similar, but, it’s passes on hugs from friends and family.

It’ll expand and warm up when people send it a hug via an app.

Imagine someone is going through an illness, or bereavement, or just the first day at  a new job – something where knowing that other people are thinking of them is of value, they wear the band and get a warm hug.