Brilliant Idea # 123. Turning abandoned buildings in urban forests

derelict street

There are literally thousands of building unoccupied and rotting. No one wants to build in that place so the cost of dismantling the buildings is too high and even if they did dismantle them, what would be the point because if there is no use for the land all you will have is a derelict piece of land.

Brilliant Idea # 123 is to turn these buildings into urban forests.

It will require that you take windows and doors out and the roofs off, but then plant plants and trees that bind the buildings together.

These can also be dense enough that there is no real way of getting into the forest so as to deter people from living or doing bad things in there.

In a matter of years it will transform a derelict and polluted space into a green, fertile and cleansing space.

You could also do this in deserted factories, office and high rise buildings.



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