Brilliant Idea #132. Crowd Radio

I love radio. I listen to lots of radio but increasingly via a playback service like the brilliant bbc i-player of from around the World on Tunein Radio. When I am not listening to the radio I’m listening to Spotify (other streaming services are available) which also has a ‘radio’ feature based on an algorithm that (presumably) streams music similar to the first track you chose based on artist / genre / recording company / other likes from the crowd.

Brilliant Idea #132 is to combine the two – streaming music based on recommendations from the crowd but with a real intros and commentaries from the crowd. So to get your favourite song on Crowd Radio, you need to provide a DJ-style intro. You submit the song and intro to a website and then ‘crowd’ then votes to schedule the song into a playlist.

I really can’t imagine how come this idea hasn’t already been thought of! Brilliant.



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