Brilliant Idea #199. Digital signage for sporting events


This isn’t my idea – I have to give all the credit to my friend Walter Francisco.

So, sports fields generally have advertising hordings around the pitch and in the stands and increasingly we are getting used to these signs being digital and display moving images.

Sports like football are truly international, indeed some English Premiership games that have a large following in, for instance China (or have a Chinese player) actually have adverts in Chinese around the pitch. Clearly value of the adverstising for the Chinese firm is such that it doesn’t matter that the English speaking viewers and fans are seeing an advert in a language that they cannot understand.

Brilliant idea #199 therefore is to replace the advertising with ‘green-screens’ that display adverts based on the location of the viewer. So, Chinese viewers see ads for their marketplace in their language, English for british firms etc. Indeed if this technology were possible, the adverts could be tailored for the individual in the same way as what happens on the internet.