Brilliant Idea #208. Groupon for (nearly) out of date food

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Food retailers all face the same problem – some food will go out of date and is either thrown away or discounted to get rid, and then if it’s not sold it’s thrown. If you have ever been in the chilled isle at the supermarket at the exact time they put the reduced labels on the nearly out of date food you will have seen the crush of people looking for a bargain.

This can’t be great business for the retailers, and I would assume that no-one goes to the supermarket for the reduced food – buying reduced food is purely oportunistic. The consumers didn’t need the reduced food so potentially they are buying reduced food rather than full price food.

Brilliant Idea #208 is a simple app that allows retailers to post the out of date goods by simply scanning the barcode which is then broadcast to people that have signed-up for the app. They then put the out of date goods in their home delivery van and depending on the location of the van the people that have the app get an alert saying that the van is near and to click if they want to goods. The delivery is happening anyway (and paid for in part by the shopper who ordered their shopping online) so there is no extra cost to the retailer. It also reduces the stigma on the recipient family because no-one knows whether the delivery is for of full or reduced price goods.





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