Brilliant Idea #234. The comfy Guitar

comfy guitarThe basic design of the guitar has hardly changed in hundreds of years. What else can you think of that people use everyday that has broadly stayed the same for centuries?

Brilliant Idea #234 aims to solve one of the most important problems with a guitar – and especially when people are learning which is that its shape is informed by the available manufacturing processes a few hundreds of years ago rather than what is comfortable and ergonimically useful.

Two things;

1. You see the girl’s right arm sitting on the guitar? I would slant that part of the guitar to it is more comfortable

2. See how her left hand is doubled back on itself to get to the strings and that she is crooking her neck to see where her fingers are? It’s a very unatural shape. I would slant the neck by 15-20% to ease this and make it easier to see where the fingers are