Brilliant Idea #241. Live sharing of slides

bad photo of a presentation

If you go to a conference nowadays you see a lot of people holding up their phone or ipad to photograph specific slides. It’s a great idea because you can immediately capture the slides that caught your attention.

The downside is that unless you are sitting right in-front of the stage all too often however they are awful photos (like the one above) and your fellow delegates view is interrupted by you holding-up your ipad.

Brilliant Idea #241 therefore is an app or plugin for Powerpoint that, as well as displaying the slides also ‘broadcasts’ them via bluetooth so you can see them on your device in your hand or on your lap. You can then save and annotate the slides you want with one click.

It can be free to download the app, but charged to event organisers because it improves the experience of the attendees.


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