Brilliant Idea #243. The idea button

If, like me, you have lots of ideas all day long, the challenge is capturing them.

Brilliant Idea #243 is an app, but also a button or widget or mini device that you can have, for instance, on your desk, or in the car or even suctioned on the wall in the shower – wherever you tend to have ideas. It’s small enough that you can add it to a key chain and only needs one button. When you press the button it simply records the idea (if you use the smartphone or tablet app you can also type the idea in) and when it connects to one of your wireless networks (ie. when you drive home or to the office) it transmits it to your idea vault online. You can connect multiple buttons to the same account so teams of people can use it to collaborate.

It can be attached to a lanyard and hung from people’s necks with the security id at work so every employee has a way to submit ideas. Or it would be positioned in a wall mount to allow employers to position them in meeting rooms, next to the water cooler or in the kitchen, at workstations in factories or even in the smokers shelter – again, anywhere that people might have ideas.

It will have a screen that shows ‘triggers’ for ideas such as “what have you done so far today that could be improved”, or “what have you done today that was new and good”, or “how could you improve today” and also other people’s ideas which could trigger a new idea.