Brilliant Idea #25. Garden compost by the bucket

I have just been to the Garden Center and I needed to buy some compost.

The cheapest way to buy is in large bags – 75Ltrs, but 75Ltrs of compost is really heavy and I’m a big strong boy! My ageing Parents would have struggled.

Presumably the cost per Ltr is greater the smaller the package size because of the comparatively expensive packaging process and packaging. There has to be a better way?

Brilliant Idea #25 is a self service compost dispenser. The customer buys a token or pin number when they boy their plants then takes a regular size bucket to the dispenser.

This brilliant idea;

– removes cost of packaging so is better value

– is more convenient for a wide range of the plant-buying consumers because you don’t have to buy heavy bags

– more affordable because you buy what you need

– more ecologically sound and sustainable because of the lack of plastic packaging

This idea isn’t new. Milk is dispensed in this way in some European Countries for decades