Brilliant Idea #250. Mix and match guitar

mix and match guitar

Go into any guitar shop in the World and there are two or three brands of entry level guitar – let’s take for example the Fender Squire Stratocaster (the Strat being the the most icon of all guitars and Squire being the entry level version). All you then need to decide on is the colour and they come in almost all the colours. Buy buying a Strat you’re getting a known quality.

Brilliant Idea #250 is to allow people to get a unique guitar by being able to design it online.

Essentially I will buy a few guitars of the same colour then cut them up into strips. The buyer then decides which colours and which order they want it in. I then assemble them and stick them back together. They then get a known quality that is the Fender Squire Strat, but a totally unique guitar.