Brilliant Idea #256. Custom background for your home office

Many of us work from home and many more of us will start to work from home in the future. This shift from physical to virtual location is down in no short measure to the improvement in communications and the use of video conferencing.

The upside of working from home is that you are generally sitting in room on your own which makes it significantly easier to do video calls.

The downside is that it’s obvious that you are a homeworker because the background is obviously of a small room with storage on the opposite wall. If you are talking to a co-worker this isn’t a problem. If you are talking to a client or prospect, not so good. I find myself purposely explaining “I’m working from home today” or telling a little fib “I’m heading out to a client which is nearer to me that the office later”.

Brilliant Idea #256 is a pop-up display that is a photograph of an office which hides the Ikea storage and cupboard that was in the spare room before it became a home office.

So rather than this;

me in my home office










You get this;

me in an empty meeting room












Or any one of a dozen other choices, or you can upload a photo of your real office (which the client might know when they visited before) and have a custom one made OR a green screen version meaning you can project just about anything on the screen behind you.


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  1. Brilliant. Also provide some background office noise which can be played alongside the phone call. A number of years ago I remember a pub had a phone booth which played background noise ie NOT pub so you could phone home to lie about where you were.

    January 31, 2015, 7:05 pm