Brilliant Idea #259. Message in a bottle as an advertising campaign for wine

A good friend of mine told me a fantastic story. He was walking along the beach with his Grandfather who told him to look out for bottles that might have washed ashore and if he sees one that he should pick it up in case there is a message in the bottle – a message that may have been written by someone on the other side of the World and potentially a hundred years ago. He told the same story to his own children whilst walking on their beach and guess what, in the distance was indeed a bottle. His children excitedly ran to the bottle to peer in and yes, inside was a note. “what are the chances of that happening” he asked me? Of course I looked astonished. I shouldn’t have been because this particular friend was well known for his tall tales and wicked sense of humour. ” Actually the chances were pretty good” he replied, “I distracted the kids and threw the bottle into the surf a minute or two before hand, but the kids were excited none the less”.

Enough of my rambling story, which only goes to demonstrate the romance of the idea, as my friend’s Grandfather said, that you can put a message in a bottle and throw it into the sea and who knows, it might indeed travel on the currents to the other side of the World and land on a foreign shore a hundred years later.

Brilliant Idea #259 is to use this idea as a marketing tool for a wine manufacturer.

A little like the Golden ticket in the Willy Wonka story, one in a thousand (or so) bottles will have a ticket. To play, you have buy your favourite wine in a case of 6 so you can’t see inside the bottles – indeed you don’t know until the bottle is opened.