Brilliant Idea #267. The natural bird feeder

Red-capped Robin (Petroica goodenovii)

I enjoy the wildlife that feed in my garden. I have a bird table and feeder but more often that not I see birds flying from tree to bush and from bush to tree and ignore the feeders and it occurred to me that expecting them to go to my feeder is requiring them to re-learn millions of years of evolution. They fly to the bush because they recognise that there might be some seeds or berries on it.

Brilliant Idea #267 therefore is a mobile app that allows the user to photograph plants and trees in their garden which matches them to a database of plants and trees and then recommends the food types that the wild birds would expect to find in that plant. You can then buy a basket of the food type to hang in the plant.

Not only are you feeding the wildlife in your garden you are feeding them the natural and indigenous food that they expect.