Brilliant Idea #27. Meeting room countdown clock

countdown clock

How many times have you been in a meeting which has been cut short when you see some face peering into the meeting room from the glass door and you’ve realised that you have a few minutes or seconds left before you will be kicked-out or risk offending the colleague who had the room booked after you.

Brilliant Idea #27 is really simple. It’s a count-down clock that sits in the middle of the meeting room table. You press the clock for every 10 minutes that you have the room booked for, so a 30 minute meeting gets 3 presses and it simply counts down and vibrates with 10, then 5 minutes to go. It is a cube, so the numbers are visible on four sides so everyone can see it.

It’s such an obvious solution to an obvious and very common problem that affects productivity in every business.

Every meeting room should have one because it says “time is money, let’s get business done efficiently and on-time”

The impression it will give to outside visitors will be worth the cost of the clock alone (which I figure could be as little as £10 / $15.