Brilliant Idea #272. The Dinner Party test

dinner party

The dinner party test is one that I often use as a provocation to capture ideas. In a nutshell, it asks “what do we need to do – what customer experience do we need to offer to get people to talk about us at a dinner party”?

It’s a no holds barred opportunity to describe scenarios that would encourage someone to share an experience at a dinner party. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this can only really work for business to consumer organisations. It’s a valid provocation for B2B organisations as well.

To avoid the inevitable “do it for free, or do it for nothing” ideas, ask “when was the last time you talked about or listened to someone else talk about a product or service at a dinner party, or indeed were amazed by a product or service that you felt compelled to talk about it”.

Then bring these around to, “what would we need to do to provoke the same kind of response”, “how might we surprise our customers to provoke a similar feeling”, “what do we get from the relationship that we could give back for free”, “how can we add value that they don’t necessarily expect”?