Brilliant Idea #273. If we could re-negotiate, no strings attached

Business is all about relationships, and in all relationships there’s a level of give and take whether or not it’s written into a strict contract.

When you start out in a business relationship, you agree what you want or what was being offered and stick with it for the term of the agreement. But things change. Not only do your expectations change, so do the tools and technologies available.

This is very important in the Managed Service, Facilities Management and Business Process Outsourcing businesses where the contractual relationship can last for 5 years or more. Those changes in requirements can fundamentally change the business relationship and sometimes beyond repair.

Brilliant Idea #273 is an app that allows the people in a business relationship to configure the rules that the relationship is based on, then allows them to invite the other people in the relationship to say, if there were “no strings attached” I would prefer the rules to be reset in this way. It provides un-filtered, un-biased, anonymised information from which each party can make an assessment of where they can and need to move. It’s not a contract negotiation, it’s far more informal, but it is frank and honest and may or may not trigger a contract re-negotiation.

My idea solves the problem by providing a comparison of the ‘as-is’ services and SLA’s with what each party would prefer the relationship ‘to-be’ if they could change it. The client gets the opportunity to invite the supplier to reset some of the requirements and the supplier can add value and strengthen the relationship which in turn increases the chance of a renewal by helping them reset the terms.