Brilliant Idea #274. Greeting card subscription Service
Greetingcardsretaildisplay“Greetingcardsretaildisplay”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

I find the process of giving greetings cards such as faff. I can’t be alone.

Brilliant Idea #274 is a subscription model for greetings cards. It would work like this;

  • You subscribe and enter the details of the people that you ought to send cards to; name, relationship, date of birth, home address, any other details that you might want to remember. There could even be a Facebook connect which imports the friends and their dates of birth
  • Depending on where the recipient is, for example if I am sending a card to my wife I get an email reminder 5 days before but as my brother lives in Canada I get the email alert 10 days before the date because of the extended time it takes to post to Canada.
  • I get to choose a card
  • That card, in it’s envelope is sent to me with the recipient’s name and address and postage already printed on it. All I need to do is sign it and put it in the post box.
  • I pay once a year, regardless of the number of cards I send