Brilliant Idea #279. The Gripway

I spend a lot of my spare time at sailing clubs, all of which have a slip way to allow launching and recovery of boats and boards. They are called slipways for a reason – they are slippy and lots of accidents happen.

They are slippy because it’s close to impossible to stop organic materials like seaweed growing on the concreat slipway. In fact, I am sitting here at the English National Sailing Academy on Portland in Dorset and they pay a man with a machine to literally grind-off the weed at low tide. It’s quite rediculous that I can hear a large motor at such an idyllic spot. They do it because they have lots of slipways so the opportunity for accidents is high.

limpetsBrilliant Idea #279 is a surface that is laid into the concreate slipway that is the ideal habitat for limpets.

They will eat the ‘slippy’ organic material at high tide then swim back to their spot at low tide when they become a ‘grippy’ surface.