Brilliant Idea #28. DIY and Garden Centers helping local tradesmen

helpRegularly when I go to a Garden Center or DIY store I need some help but there isn’t a member of staff on hand, or if there is they look unlikely to be able to help (ie. they are a spotty teenager). For the store it’s a catch-22 – they want their staff to help because it’s good customer service and is more likely to make money, but their most knowledgeable staff and when they are talking to customers they are not doing all of the other things that they need to do.

Brilliant Idea #28 is to encourage local trades and businesses and associations like gardening clubs to man an “ask an expert” booth at the store. This solves a problem for the store and provides an opportunity for a local business to market themselves. If I started, for instance, a gardening business, I would spend any non fee-charging time at that booth for free drumming up some business.