Brilliant Idea #280. Charity Shop day

One of the idea campaigns that I have been involved in that I am most proud of is the Christmas Jumper day launched by Save the Children. If you are not aware of it, you wear a gaudy ‘Christmas jumper’ to work for a day and make a donation to Save the Children.

It’s been very successful, but possibly too successful because although it was intended to be that you wear the jumper that was given to you by a well-meaning Aunt that you actually hate, some retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and started selling jumpers that have been purposely designed to be gaudy.

The unexpected consequence is that while we are of course raising some money for charity (we is good) we are also fueling consumerism and a ‘throw-away / one-use’ society by buying jumpers for one day a year (which is bad).

Brilliant Idea #280 is a Charity Shop day. For one day, you wear something that was bought in a UK charity shop. You get the fun factor if you want to buy something that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear, but equally you can wear something that you might wear again and again. Crucially you are filling the tills of the charity shops rather than the low cost retailers who have dubious credentials concerning the use of low cost labour.