Brilliant Idea #289. Trading Places app

Brilliant Idea #289 is an app that allows people to earn money by trading their place in queue, their seat in a taxi or train or their ticket to an event with someone that wants it more.

As an example, I’m on the train but I don’t have a seat. Using the app I can find users nearby and broadcast to them that I would pay…£x for their seat. Those users get an alert and can reject it, barter or accept it. If they accept it, they send a message back saying where they are. When the transaction is agreed by both parties the amount agreed is debited from my account and paid, minus a commission to the person that has given up their seat.

Other examples;

[ezcol_1half]One side

– I’m in the City and I desperately need a taxi


– I’m nearly at the front of the queue for a restaurant, but I’m having a nice time chatting with my friends and would happily subsidize the cost of my night-out by trading my place with someone that is happy to pay to swap

– I have tickets for a show but I live in the City and can go at any time and will be happy to sell my ticket to someone that really wants them[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]The other side

– I’m in a taxi but not in a rush and will happily subsidize the fair by trading my place for some money and walking the rest of the way or waiting for another taxi

– I’m in a queue for a restaurant and am waiting for my number to be called


– I’m in the City for a short stay and would love to see a show and would be happy to pay someone that will trade places[/ezcol_1half_end]

It’s solving the problem that lots of the things we value have a capacity issue. It’s for people that experience this a lot – frequent users of public transport, restaurant goers etc. AND people that value some extra money to trade their place for a delay or discomfort.

The app manages the process, so if you agree, say, £5 for trading your seat, the person pays £5 plus a 10% commission and the trader gets £5.