Brilliant Idea #306. Crowd-sourced exam results

exam room

I live in the UK and our kids tend to do exams at the end secondary school (16) and then if they go on to further education at 17 and 18. Exam season is May to June but they have to wait until August for the results.

Why? Why not just publish the papers straight after the exam? Why wait and make it a mystery? Why keep the students in suspense?

Brilliant Idea #306 is a website where students that just sat the exam enter the questions that they remember. It happens informally anyway – students ask their friends about the questions and how they answered them. This is exactly the same, but by ‘crowd-sourcing’ the questions and answers from thousands of students you’ll end up with an accurate version of the exam paper and students can get their results. Brilliant.

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  1. You’re absolutely right, it’s curious that students have to wait so long to hear how well they did. Perhaps even easier than the idea above: just publish the exams + the correct answers after the exam. Back when I had to do my high school exams here in the Netherlands, students could look up the exam, the official answers and the way it would be graded the same day online! (this way students can figure out themselves how well they did) Of course governments are afraid the answers will ‘leak’ (or get stolen) before the actual exams, but I suppose publishing the exams the next week should be safe enough… (and still saves the students weeks of uncertainty)

    May 16, 2015, 8:37 pm