Brilliant Idea #321. Home from home restaurants

empty restaurant

Tens of thousands of pubs have shut over the years here in the UK. Many of these are really well located with great facilities. They closed their doors either because they are no longer close enough to a population that wants to drink and socialise in pubs, or they are too close to one of the multiple chains like Weatherspoons who, because of the purchasing power they have can be so much cheaper than an independent pub and restaurant.

Brilliant Idea #321 re-purposes these businesses. The idea came from using the Subtraction method for ideation. This method has two stages;

1. Map out the customer journey
2. Then ask, “if we subtracted one of these elements, how would we stay in business and create value for our customers?

In this case, we removed the ability to employees – so no kitchen staff to buy or prepare food from the restaurant value-chain.

The obvious idea was, “get the customers to bring and prepare their own food” which led to Brilliant Idea #321

During weekends and public holidays it would be hired to families and large groups of friends that want to host a party, prepare and serve food – just as they would do at home, but for more people that most can fit into their own homes.

Most pubs have safe gardens for the kids, a well appointed kitchen and dining room and bar and lounge areas. Many also have large TV screens so parties could be hosted around sporting events as well.

During the week the venues will be hired to businesses who want to entertain their staff, but unlike simply booking a large table at a restaurant, it also offers the ability to get people collaborating and working together by setting the task for teams to prepare and serve different courses of the meal.