Brilliant Idea #326. Espresso Chocolate Machine

Espresso Chocolate






The UK consumed £3.5 billion worth of chocolate last year, according to market research analysts Mintel. Only Germany, with a population of over 20 million more people, came close to the UK, spending £3.4 billion in 2008.

It means that the Brits spent £ 57 per head of population on chocolate in 2008.

A part of that £3.5 billion is on selection boxes. By putting lots of different combinations in one box allows us to sample more tastes and textures as well as being able to choose your preference.

If we Hack (click here for more information on Idea Hacking) the chocolate selection box, one of the ideas we get is the concept of on-demand chocolate. We get the benefits of a selection box, but we can make (and experiment to get) exactly the type of chocolate we want when we want it.

It’s a machine, not unlike the Espresso coffee machines you buy for your kitchen, but this one makes gorgeous, luxurious chocolate. You simply put the components in and it makes chocolate there and then. You can add or take away the amount of and type of cocoa that you want just as you might choose the strength or type of coffee bean. I’m calling it the Espresso Chocolate machine.

You could then add nuts, smarties, chilli – anything in the cupboard that you wish in order to make it totally unique. It would be a wonderful thing to do with kids or for guests.