Brilliant Idea #344. Does my car need a service?

Car Serv

I’ve published a few ideas around the car servicing process – the intermittent service you give your car every 6 months or x thousand miles. Brilliant Idea #344 disrupts the very premise that your car needs a service. How do you know – the car manufacturers tell you based on an arbitrary timing (6 months) or the number of miles you have done.

Of course this is nonsense. How can it be that, with all the leaps that automotive technology has made in the last few decades that the components still only last 6 months? I can buy a KIA and get a 7 year warranty on everything on the car – thousands of components but the air filter – which is essentially a piece of corrugated cardboard only lasts 6 months?

Of course it also disregards driving styles. If I use my car for school runs and the occasional trip to town, how can the oil only last the same amount of time as the person who drives their car like a maniac and lives at the end of 2 mile dusty dirt track half way up a mountain?

The car servicing business is ripe for disruption. It’s simply a way of garages and the automotive supply chain making money from you.

So, brilliant Idea #344 is either a service – the anti-garage or a gadget that you attach to your car’s on-board computer which communicates with an app on your smartphone that diagnoses when your car needs a service from its performance. You then spend the money on a service when it’s needed.