Brilliant Idea #352. Crowd Count Drone

We’ve seen this plenty of times before, but never so brilliantly as after the Inauguration of the man-baby fascist, Donald Trump who claimed, despite these photos which seem to show the contrary, that the largest gathering of human beings ever amassed came out to see him take the oath (can known liars take oaths….I digress).

Brilliant Idea #352 is a drone that knows how to count crowds.

Now to be fair, the problem with the image above is that although we know it was taken at the same time, we don’t know whether it was the time of maximum occupancy. Although Trump loves to play the victim of press bias, in all probability, the press are biased towards him because he such a massive, nasty, stupid, dangerous dick, we don’t know whether the photo is a fact or one of the Trump’s Alt-facts.

The same happens with protests. The protesters estimate the size of the crowd and the protested party does the same….and generally estimates far fewer. If the protest is one the move it must be difficult to do accurately.

The drone counts people in real-time (or as near to real-time as it can as it flies over the crowd) so there is no doubt that double-counting happens. It’ll have a camera and some software that looks for density and estimates the number of people.