Brilliant Idea #356. The Idea Taxi


Everything brilliant about your organisation started with an idea. Everything that will be brilliant about your organisation WILL start with an idea. You just need to find that idea.

Why then do organisations find it so hard to find (and recognise) the next brilliant idea?

Well that’s because ideas can be hard and sharing ideas can be even harder. For some, and I’ve seen this time and again in the years that I have been running ideation session, it’s impossible.

Organisations struggle with this. Many people need encouragement – and that’s not just the ‘less creative’ people. The introverts in the organisation might be super creative, but still find it hard to share ideas. 

Most people NEED to verbalise their ideas to other people before they feel comfortable to give it up and share it with other people.

Obviously I’m not one of them, but I DO need to write them down (hence the reason for writing 356 ideas and counting on this blog). The best way to get ideas therefore is to talk to people but I don’t mean invite them to a workshop – lots of people don’t like ideation / brainstorming workshops, I mean a one to one discussion (remember Innovation Inspiration #105, “ideas are like assholes, everyone has one, but most people don’t like to talk about it”). It’s an idea (like all the best ideas) I’ve been cogitating on for months and years. You might remember Brilliant Idea #249, the Idea Concierge service

The latest incarnation of this idea, Brilliant Idea #356 therefore is the Idea Taxi. Think TED Talks mixed with Carpool (either the original from Robert Llwwellyn or the James Corden version). I pick people up in the taxi (it’s a real London cab)  and have a conversation with them about their big idea. I video it and create a short (3-4 minutes) video to showcase the idea.

If it’s for an organisation, I then bring the Idea Taxi to the workplace to invite staff to talk about their big idea to support some kind of change that’s going on. The taxi draws a crowd, it’s a private place for people to step into and if the organisations want, we’ll ‘concierge’ their ideas. They’ll get a compilation video so they can review and respond to the idea.