Brilliant Idea #44. New bin design at fast food restaurants

mcdonals litterWhen we visit fast food restaurants we probably expect to see litter in the car park. I hate litter and I’ve never and will never throw litter on floor and loathe people that see at it OK to do so.

It did occurred to me however  that there is a better way for restaurant chains that provide a drive through to encourage their patrons to put the litter in a bin that on the floor!

If you think about it, people choose drive through because they don’t want to get out of their car. Some of them therefore won’t want to get out of their car to throw away the rubbish.

coin bin toll roadSo, brilliant idea #44, make the exit route the same width as the entry to the drive through, then provide bins with a large collecting bin, like the ones you see on toll roads to throw coins into (but scaled-up to accept fast food rubbish).