Brilliant Idea #68. Facebook ‘Like’ promotion point of sale for retail outlets

facebook like point of sale for retailRetailers are amongst the principle early adopters of social platforms like facebook in order to extend their brand online as well as in store.

The challenge for the retailers is to get the consumer to ‘Like’ the brand or shop’s facebook page. Advertising and incentivising people that are in their shop in a no-brainer because if they have entered the shop they are likely to be their target market. But, how do you get them to interrupt their shopping to open facebook on their mobile phone, find the retailer’s facebook page and Like it. It’s quite a big ask.

Brilliant Idea#68 solves this problem.

The process (I think) would be;

-the retailer puts a vending machine in their shop – it could be a standalone bubblegum machine like the photo, or one that sits on a counter. The retailer can choose what type of vending machine is appropriate to their shop environment and brand

– The instructions on the machine ask the shopper to text a phone number

– The app sends a SMS text message reply to the shopper with a link to their facebook page

– The user follows the link in the text which opens facebook and ‘Likes’ the page

– The app then sends a message to the vending machine to ‘vend’ whatever it is that is in the machine

The retailers gets a ‘Like’ and the shopper gets a gift.


Toy shops would love this – the vending machine will give free toys

Fashion brands would love it – a vintage Coca Cola vending machine for example would look fantastic in fashion retailers that sell ‘retro’ brands.

Restaurants would love this because you could offer sweets or mints (something complimentary to eating out, but not necessarily something on the menu)