Brilliant Idea #90. Drone guards

One industry I know reasonably well is the Highway Maintenance business. Safety is a huge issue for these businesses and the biggest customer here in the UK, the Highways Agency puts a huge premium on safety when awarding contracts – and these contracts are worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Fixing roads when they are still operational is one of the most hazardous activities they do. It only takes one driver to looses concentration and plow through the traffic cones and into the road workers.

Brilliant Idea #90 employs drones to keep them safe.

The drone (a small helicopter) is set to hover in-front of and above the road workers. It maintains its position due to a special device worn by the workers. It’s pointing at the oncoming traffic and uses a radar to measure the speed and direction of oncoming vehicles. When a vehicle approaches the lane that the workers are working in, a message it sent to jackets or devices on the worker’s jackets to rapidly move to safety.

This idea also has applications for security and policing situations.


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