Brilliant Idea. Re-thinking the global postcode systems

I’m writing this blog from the UK where we have a postcode (the equivalent to a zip code in the US) that comprises a two letter code for the nearest postal city then two numbers and two letters that locate my town and road. My postcode is shared by perhaps 40 homes closely packed on a suburban road. Postcodes in rural areas however can cover many miles, and big buildings can have one postcode at one end of the building and another at the other end.

Most of use are more likely to use a postcode to help us find a location with a GPS devise than we are to write a postcode on an envelope so postcode aren’t terribly useful! have re-thought that and produced a global system that can describe any location to the nearest two meters with just 3 words!

Here’s where the Queen lives;






And here’s where the World famous Eden Project is using the w3w system.







Ireland, interestingly doesn’t have a postcode system, so here’s where the famous Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is located using the W3W system







I’m clueless as to how they can turn this idea into a business that truly disrupts the many systems around the World, but it really is a truly Brilliant Idea

Check it out here,