Brilliant Idea. The Anticafé

anti cafe

I’m fascinated by disruptive innovations and here is an exciting example from Paris, France.

If you’ve visited Paris you will appreciate that you are unlikely to go short if you need a cafe. It’s probably the capital city of cafe culture so clearly they were looking for a competitive advantage and they did this by re-thinking their business model.

Coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa have become ubiquitous (certainly on British high streets) by recognising that as well as providing excellent coffee they also need to provide a relaxing, comfortable functional environment for people to meet, relax and work.

We pay for the environment with the cost of a coffee.

The anti-cafe in Paris turns this on its head. You pay for the environment – somewhere to work and meet which costs 4EUROS per hour (£3.50 or $5.50) and you get everything else for free – food, drink, wine (they are French) but also Wifi and printers.