Brilliant Idea#24. Mobile Drum Machine

drum machineBrilliant Idea #24. Mobile Rock Band teacher

Brilliantly simple. Van containing enough equipment for a rock band ( 2 electric drum kits, 2 electric guitars and a bass). As well as providing lessons it will also provide corporate entertainment and team building opportunities – so the van will be driven to a corporate office building for teams to come and play and perform together.

For teams with absolutely no musical talent what so ever, the bus will also be equipped with a playstation or x-box so they can play rockband (all the same equipment, but you don’t need any musical training).

The service that we will be offering will be;

– Fun (so can be offered as a reward for top performing individuals and teams)

– Building confidence and team work

– Exploiting team and individual’s creativity

Bloody Brilliant.

Once we have the first bus up and running, we will franchise the business.