Brilliant Idea #286. Blow-up changing tent

pop up tentBrilliant Idea #268 is a blow-up changing tent for water-sports and beach users.

It’s a pod tent like the one to the left here, but just big enough for one person to stand up in (so smaller and taller than this photo). It is erected by filling the frame with air, even by using a foot pump or a machine that plugs into the cig lighter in the car.

It’s grey on the outside  like this one so as to be discreet and silver inside to reflect heat.

It has a ‘sill’ to allow the person to change and then leave their wet gear in the bottom. Once changed you leave your kit on the floor of the changing tent, deflate the frame and it then becomes a wet-gear bag until the get home.


Brilliant Idea #280. Charity Shop day

One of the idea campaigns that I have been involved in that I am most proud of is the Christmas Jumper day launched by Save the Children. If you are not aware of it, you wear a gaudy ‘Christmas jumper’ to work for a day and make a donation to Save the Children.

It’s been very successful, but possibly too successful because although it was intended to be that you wear the jumper that was given to you by a well-meaning Aunt that you actually hate, some retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and started selling jumpers that have been purposely designed to be gaudy.

The unexpected consequence is that while we are of course raising some money for charity (we is good) we are also fueling consumerism and a ‘throw-away / one-use’ society by buying jumpers for one day a year (which is bad).

Brilliant Idea #280 is a Charity Shop day. For one day, you wear something that was bought in a UK charity shop. You get the fun factor if you want to buy something that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear, but equally you can wear something that you might wear again and again. Crucially you are filling the tills of the charity shops rather than the low cost retailers who have dubious credentials concerning the use of low cost labour.


Brilliant Idea #251. On-Air sign for the home office


Millions of us work principally from home, in a study or bedroom in a shared house.

When my family come home they are normally used to checking whether or not I am on the phone and the door to our study (my children insist I call it the ‘gaming room’) actually has a window in the door so they can look in but increasingly I am talking at my laptop on Skype or GoogleHangouts so even though they can see me, because I’m not holding a phone to my head it’s not clear whether I am engaged in a conference call or not.

Brilliant Idea #251 is an “onair sign”, just like you would see in radio or TV studio that can hang on the door handle. It’s linked via bluetooth to an app on your computer and smartphone that recognises that you are on the phone or a V0IP app like Skype or Google hangouts and lights up so other people in your home know they need to be quite (or not enter the room).

It will be sold through office supplies channels at a relatively low RRP like 9.99.]


Brilliant Idea #249. Tinder for animals

If you don’t know what Tinder is, it’s all the range with the ‘kids’. It’s essentially online dating for very shallow people – you are served two photos and you select the photo / person that you prefer, then you are presented two more people, and again you choose and you go on and on. The app learns you preferences which helps you find the person that you prefer.

Brilliant idea #249 is Tinder, but for pets so you can find the ideal match for your beloved pet.

Brilliant Idea #242. Choose the mattress in your hotel room

Brilliant idea #242 is for hotels and bed and breakfast establishments that want to create an exceptional customer experience. Can’t they allow the user to book a room with the type of mattress they prefer – so they could choose a hard or soft mattress? Could that be that difficult? Brilliant.


Brilliant Idea #221. A 4 day work week in the summer

Now that Autumn is creaping up on us and the summers are drawing-in the summer days will soon be a distant memory, here’s an idea, we should work the equivalent of 4 days a week in the summer by finishing at 3 every day.

We’d enjoy the summer more, have better quality of life, more family time, more time to exercise and feel the health benefits that the summer can bring us.

It will be a powerful message to our customer and suppliers that we are putting the health and wellbeing of our staff first.


Brilliant Idea #216. Buskers Festival

buskerI’m a huge music fan and try and go to as many music festivals as possible.

Many of the larger ones actively encourage buskers – both organised to provide atmosphere and variety in the thoroughfairs between stages, but also improtu jams in the food and merchandising areas.

Brilliant Idea #126 is a Buskers Festival (buskersfest). It’s a music festivval but without a mainstage – just lots of stages, some of which will be constructed of chalk on a pavement, others in disused shops of the high street.

It will tour towns like an old-fashioned circus and there will be something for everyone no matter your musical taste.