Innovation Recipes

What’s an innovation recipe?

Good question.

Let’s liken creating something new (innovating) or starting a business to cooking something new.

When we set out to prepare a dish we’ve not cooked before, we most likely reach for the recipe book: a recipe being a collection of ingredients of specific quantities and put together in a certain order using certain, tested techniques.

We’re taking that and applying it to starting or growing a new product or business.

Sure, we can make a one ingredient meal – an omelette for instance, it can be delicious in the same way we can dream up a new service and put an ad in the window of our local shop or on facebook, sell it and deliver it.

BUT, I guarantee that if we put one more ingredient in there – a pinch of salt or pepper even, it’ll get better. Let’s go back to our business idea, I guarantee that if we do a little bit of work to understand who our customer is and what’s important to them, we have a chance to create a better ad which will give us more business.

The more care we take in adding the best ingredients in the right quantities, in the right order, the better the outcome.

So, the ingredients are tools that you need to innovate and build a business: market research, strategy scorecards, testing tools…..the metaphorical larder is full of them.

The recipes then are collections of those ingredients designed for certain outcomes. If you’re aiming to build an app, there’s a recipe, which is different to the one that you need if you’re starting a coaching or consultancy business which is different to the recipe that you need if you want to get started in affiliate marketing.

You take the recipe you need, the ingredients (tools) and the follow the instructions and coaching and you’ll build a better product or service faster, with fewer reworks and a greater chance of success.

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