How To Play The Crazy 8s Ideation Game
April 30, 2021

Crazy 8s got their name because;
– the tool aims to get 8 ideas from each person in a workshop, and
– in 5 minutes….yep, that’s why it’s crazy.

But honestly it’s genius because it;
– stops people from FILTERING their ideas. We all do it. We come up with an idea and almost immediately tell ourselves it won’t work. Read this article for more on this, and
– it forces us to ITERATE on our ideas. Iteration is key to ideation. Whatever device you’re reading this article on, you know it’s version x thousands of the original idea, don’t you

Essential to the game is a clear idea of the ‘problem you’re trying to solve” – the challenge. 

The challenge I use to teach people how to use the tool (the beauty of Crazy 8s is that it takes 5 minutes!) is “How do we incentivise people to leave the car at home and use low-carbon transport to get to and from work”. 

And here’s the slides in GDrive

I’d love to know how you get on!