Crowd-sourced skills, for a fiver

fiverrIf you haven’t seen this yet, you need to check it out.

The service is called (

It’s a marketplace for services that start at (and are mostly in units of) $5.

I paid a Fiverr for a member to take the design for my book, the small book about BIG ideas and turn it into a 3D book. The turnaround was less than 24 hours and it cost me $5 (£3.35). Ridiculous isn’t it.

3D Cover-DesignHere is the output which I am really happy with.

There’s seemingly no limit to what you can get for a fiver including;- turning a photo into a comic style avatar

– getting a gorgeous girl/ boy to post a video message on your facebook page pretending to be your girl / boy friend

– translating text into any language

– testing your website and offering feedback

– helping you with your homework for an hour

–  filming a dog catching a frisbee with your message on it

Using platforms like Fiverr to find specialist contractors from the crowd to do individual pieces of work is, for me, the future of work.