Idea management software

This isn’t the only guide available to help compare idea management software, but there’s no business model here, I’m not collecting referrals for clicks – in fact I’m not going to even mention any tools – the search you did to find this article will have in all probability given you ads from the vendors in your marketplace so you can make your own list.

[ezcol_1half]I’m going to focus on the functionality you should consider rather than recommend a tool. The only people that can really do justice to the many tools out there are the vendors themselves, but of course if you invited them all to come and talk you’d eventually come up with a list of functionality to compare but it would take a lot of time. I hope I can speed up the process by offering my experience and give you a head start. You can download the detailed list of functionality by subscribing to my email list with the form to the right.

When you fill in your details you will be re-directed to a page with a link to a Google spreadsheet to access. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end][mc4wp_form][/ezcol_1half_end]

Before we get to the functionality, do you need a dedicated software tool? This might sound like a strange place to start because you took the trouble to do some research on the web, but, in my humble opinion, you need software IF innovation is starting to work at your organisation, you’ve got someone driving it forward, it’s got senior support and you are starting to see progress – you’ve identified some areas that you are focusing on, you’ve got some promising ideas, some of which you are turning into projects BUT you are experiencing problems with engagement or management. If the first thing you are doing is buying a tool, you’re starting in the wrong place!

The spreadsheet covers, and I would recommend that you consider these broad categories;


– Campaign Management

– Entering ideas

– Rating or commenting on other people’s ideas[/ezcol_1third]


– Searching for and matching ideas

– Assigning a simple status to an idea to move it through some kind of process[/ezcol_1third]

[ezcol_1third_end]Gamification and rewards

– Recording participation by awarding points

– Leader boards

– Customisation to turn these on or off[/ezcol_1third_end] 


– Single sign-on

– Content Management systems like Sharepoint

– Business Social Networking tools like Jive or Yammer


[ezcol_1third]Metrics and Reporting

– Dynamic dashboards that drive behaviours

– SQL reporting tools

– Integration into external reporting tools[/ezcol_1third]

[ezcol_1third_end]Process Customisation

– Can the processes that dictate how the system works be customised

– Can workflows be automated


[ezcol_1third]Mobile Support

– How users interact with it if they do not have a desktop computer




[ezcol_1third]Customisable look and feel

– How customisable is the look and feel

– Who can customise it

Of course, this won’t be a perfect list, but I hope it is useful. If you find other items that you believe should be on the list, please let me know.