How to have more ideas. The secret sauce of Innovation.

Here’s the secret sauce: how to have more ideas.

Anyone can have more ideas (and indeed, get more ideas from their friends and colleagues) if you follow these simple steps.

If for any reason you can’t see the slideshare slides, here’s the summary of how to have more ideas (in as few words as I can).

– Our brains are full of knowledge, insights and experience.Ideas happen when we make a connection between those apparently disparate things

– The more connections we make, the more ideas we will have. It’s as simple as that

– We can provoke connections by;

– going where smart people go like conferences

– being inquisitive

– asking the ‘dumb’ questions

– asking how we might predict the future

– but most of all, have ideas, write them down, don’t filter them because ideas trigger ideas

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