How To Shake-Off Negative Thoughts
April 30, 2021

We’re heading into a long weekend here in the UK. An extra day to enjoy and unwind. But that’s easier said than done IF we can shake off negative thoughts that linger from the working week.

I suffer from this – I am sure everyone does to some extent – something happens, perhaps we’ve made a mistake or had crossed words, we felt bad, for sure, but we just can’t shake-off the feeling and memory. We can’t move on. 

Our minds do this to ourselves all the time. It’s normal. It’s not a fault or weekness.

But here’s a great tool to help.

  • take a piece of paper or open a doc on your phone or computer
  • create two columns
  • in the first column, write down what happens and how you feel
  • in column two, answer these questions;
    • Is this thought in any way useful or helpful?
    • Is it true? (Can I absolutely know that it’s true)
    • Is this just an old story that my mind is playing out of habit?
    • Does this thought help me take effective action?
    • Is this though helpful or is my mind just babbling on?

When we do this, there’s a couple of things going on which make it so effective:

  • We’re moving it from our subconscious mind into our conscious mind. We’re fronting up to it (and in some cases, how ridiculous it is) 
  • It’s done, it’s in the past. Either it’s useful or it’s not, so in processing it, and rationalising it, we have the best chance of closing it off

Hope this helps.