IFTTT. Put the internet to work for you


IFTTT (if this then that) is brilliant. Brilliantly simple. Brilliantly useful.

It allows you to set-up simple rules to make the internet work for you.

So, for example IF THIS (someone follows you on twitter) THEN THAT (send a tweet saying thanks).

Getting it?

Other ‘recipies’ I use include;

IF THIS (it’s 9am) THEN THAT (send me an email with the US Dollar to GBP exchange rate)

IF THIS (someone tags me in a facebook post) THEN THAT (send me an email)

IF THIS (I listen to a track on Spotify THEN THAT (add the details about the track to a spreadsheet in GoogleDrive so I never loose it)

The opportunities are endless and there is a huge databases of what they call ‘recipes’ that other users have created.