One of the many misconceptions about Innovation is that it’s some kind off magic – the best ideas will somehow bubble to the top and find their own momentum. This really is rubbish. Innovation is a process not magic. And it’s hard work.

Lean Startup is THE way to design, test and launch a new product, proposition or business. It’s taught in the top Business Schools around the World and many if not all of the VCs and Incubators expect entrepreneurs to present to them in the language of Lean Startup.

If you are reading this page, you’ve probably heard of Lean Startup, but just in case, what is it?  It’s is a method for developing businesses and products first proposed in 2008 by Eric Ries. It’s routed in a scientific process; an idea is a hypothesis which we break down into discreet assumptions that need to be correct for the hypothesis to work, and we then test those assumptions through experiments.

As a lean startup coach, I work with innovation teams to run at least one set of experiments per week to improve their product and business model.

For early stage startups, I volunteer my time for free. I do this because I know startups don’t spend any money they can put off. If that sounds like you, well firstly subscribe to my email based training on this link, or email me and we’ll set-up a Skype call.

Lean Startup isn’t just for start-ups. Established organisations are recognising the need to think and behave like their more agile startup competitors. It’s called Intrapreneruship. If this is you, you might want to check another product called The 6 Way – designed for intrapreneurs, it’s 6 teams of roughly 6 people, each team solving a particular challenge set from one of 6 Sponsors and it last just 6 weeks so it’s rapid and frugal innovation. Here’s the link.