The innovation dead-end

innovation deadendI try hard to create content rather than re-publish other people’s content which is, I believe, a lazy approach to blogging. HOWEVER, this is so brilliant, I am simply going to suggest you take a read.

As a taster, a few paragraphs of brilliant insight;

“It all stems from one basic problem, which is that innovative ideas are roughly indistinguishable from dumb ideas.

Let that sink in. Innovative ideas look just like dumb ideas.

If something seems like a clearly good idea, it is also an obvious idea. So everyone is doing it! The big ideas that fundamentally change the status quo usually have fatal-seeming flaws that keep (almost) everyone from pursuing them: It’s impossible. It’s in poor taste. No one would want it. You can’t make money doing it. It’s too expensive to build.

Innovation requires a leap of faith that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

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